Get Help

Contact the Distress Centre Oakville by Phone:

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Distress Centre Oakville provides a caring, compassionate, and totally confidential telephone service to the residents of Oakville, Milton, Burlington, and surrounding communities.

This is a free service and all calls are confidential.

We’re here to listen.

If you are in danger call 911.
The Distress Centre Oakville is here to listen since 1974.

What people say about our service:

“I can call and I'm not alone.”

“Thank you for listening and helping me through this difficult period.”

“I know I can count on the distress line to keep me safe.”

“I call distress line rather than 911 when I get anxious or if I’m having a panic attack because talking to someone helps me cope.”

“Thank you for listening.  Without the Distress Centre, I don’t know what I’d do.”

“Thank you for your kindness and listening ability.”

“It’s nice to know that people care.”

“I phone the Distress Centre to work up the courage,
and to get over the anxiety of going outside.”

“I could not manage to stay positive without your help.”

“The Distress Centre is one of the best things on earth!”